Donnelly Properties, LLC

The quality of the water available for drinking and washing at your new home is an important detail that should never be taken for granted.  We are fortunate to have reliably available water, but we must be sure of its quality.  Donnelly Technicians are trained to collect water samples consistent with the testing laboratory’s standards.  Results of your water test are dependent upon the testing laboratory’s reporting timeline.

A typical home inspection is limited to the systems and finish work that is visible without moving or altering any materials or property of the owner.  Because almost all sewer systems whether private or public are invisible without disrupting finish materials or property these items are not inspected.

Private Sewer (Septic System)


These systems are largely if not completely invisible and as such are beyond the scope of a basic home inspection.  These systems require specialized training and equipment to be inspected and serviced.

Donnelly recommends to all clients purchasing a home with a private septic system to have the system inspected prior to closing.


Public Sewer


While the municipality will maintain this system without any action required by the home owner, there is an important caveat.

The short stretch of pipe from the home to the public system is the responsibility of the home owner and can be a very costly repair/replacement bill.  This pipe can be checked with a special camera by a professional trained and equipped to do so. 

Donnelly recommends to all clients purchasing a home connected to public sewer to have this section of piping inspected prior to closing.